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Our aim is to provide artists with a powerful tool to create extremely realistic and accurate images. While going through great lengths to make the program as easy to use and flexible as possible, we will not compromise on quality and physical correctness.

LuxCoreRender is a physically correct, unbiased rendering engine. This means that LuxCoreRender does not use tricks to imitate real world behavior: all calculations are done according to mathematical models based on physical phenomena. In LuxCoreRender we will always make the ‘unbiased’ design choices.

Users are the center of the project: software without a community is an empty seashell. People that are using, testing, reporting bugs, proposing features or even simply commenting results are committing their time doing it. Their participation is essential as it forms the living heart of a project.

We hope LuxCoreRender will be more than just a piece of software, but also a human adventure in creating positive scientific, artistic and friendship exchanges.